Our mission is to design & develop the best outdoor furniture around.

Why Plastic Timber

They are colored planks/poles(timber) made from 100% Recycled plastic that is maintenance free, will not be eaten by insects, and will never splinter or rot.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of plastic timber saves our trees since no wood is used in our products! Finally plastic timber is 100% recyclable.

About us

Eco Compounds Furniture was founded by Martin Dames and Gideon Lekobotja; both of whom have extensive experience in PVC/PET Recycling and Recycled Plastic Furniture respectively.

We manufacture outdoor furniture, jungle gyms, decking, poles, fencing, school desks and pavilions to name a few, as well as custom made furniture. Our products are of the highest
quality and are not mass manufactured – each item is uniquely handcrafted, leaving our customers 100% satisfied.

Plastic Timber

Environmentally Friendly

Non Slip Surface

Life Span of Plastic Timber

Being waterproof, maintenance free, extremely durable and most important, environmentally friendly, are just a few of the endless list of benefits we can guarantee on our products.

Our standard colours are charcoal, green and brown, which is a perfect colour choice to blend in with nature. Any other colours are also available but are a bit more costly.

Unlike some other wood-alternative decking materials, our decking is not made with any wood. It is made completely from plastic instead of from a combination of materials.

Recycled plastic decking offers the most significant fade, stain, and mold resistance among decking products. The products are marketed as low-maintenance and are typically easy to clean and maintain.

We do decking to your specifications.